Tuesday, 31 December 2013

PBaE Update 12/31/13

Added five more songs to the directory. They are So This is Love, Everybody Wants Some, Feel Your Love Tonight, Hang 'Em High, and Hear About It Later.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

PBaE Update 12/17/13

I charted and uploaded Beautiful Girls, Dance the Night Away, and Eruption in MIDI pro format. I also finally finished moving all the MIDI pro format files to the new server so they should all be working and will not expire in the future. Despite what I said in my last update, I have decided to keep all of the individual Tre's Greatest Hits files up and have moved them to the new server as well so they will remain up in the future.

That's all for today. More coming soon.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Is Back!

School has finally finished and I am going to resume regular PBaE updates. I have a lot of plans for the holidays as well as a lot of time so I am hoping I can make them fairly consistent.

Today I moved a couple files to new new server, charted "Atomic Punk', and uploaded the Rock Band 3 Advanced Pro Drum trainer files that GermanLS7 charted awhile back. A big thank you for making those files and saving me a ton of time. I started consolidating all of the trainer files into a single .rar file just because it is too much work to manage all of the individual files. I can put some or even all of them back up individually if there is enough demand for it though.

I have had a number of requests for the other pro drum trainer files as well as the Rock Band 2/Beatles Rock Band/Green Day Rock band trainer files. I do not have the files for these to convert, however, I will have access to my drums in January and will be making manual recordings of these files so they will hopefully be available some time in the first half of January. Other than those files, I plan to continue with the to do list in the order that it is listed.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - weekly update 6-7

I apologies for the lack of updates these last couple weeks. Especially with the beginning of my new cooking blog that I really want to work on some more. I have been really busy with school and life these last coupe weeks and probably will continue to be extremely busy for the next three or four weeks. However, mid to late November I will be almost completely done with school. At this time I want to sit down and create a lot of or possibly all of the drum and vocals files and possibly begin work on pro instruments as well as get back to regular updates. Until I finish with school for this semester I don't think I will be posting regular songs weekly but I will be fixing expired links and answering comments with the possibility of a couple of recipes here and there because there are a few I need to rewrite for my collection.

I would also like to thank all the regular visitors and the non regular visitors for getting almost 10,000 views on this blog. It is something I never thought possible. I thank you for all the feedback on PBaE and my thoughts on things.

I apologies again for the lack of current and near future updates. Next semester I will try to plan my work more efficiently so I do not run into this problem again.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - weekly update 5

This week's update is a little late but I managed to almost get everything caught up. I haven't had a lot of time  the last couple weeks to work on songs between real life things, school, and my PC boosting sessions. Hopefully by next week I will be completely caught up.

Song Changes
I did a test run of the Homecoming file that I had a number of messages about. I got 100% on my test run (picture included below) so it is possible to get 100% with the file it is just very hard to sync it up properly. That being said it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to get gold stars on it. The top score on Scorehero is lower than the score from my run and it ranked 12th on the Xbox leaderboards. So to make this achievement a whole lot less difficult I have made a vocals file for Homecoming. I had a look at Beatle Beat 12 that I had a few comments about. It turns out I put in the wrong BPM when I was making the file. I changed it and re uploaded the file so it should be working properly now. I also made a file containing all of Tre's Greatest hits for those that need to complete the whole set. I moved some of Tre's Greatest Hits, and all of the Rock Band format files for Guitar Hero Van Halen, Guitar Hero World Tour, Rock Band, Rock Revolution, and Guitar Hero World Tour.
Edit - Homecoming gold star cutoff on drums is possible and is around 380,000.

This Week's Songs
This week on drums I made Rock Band format files for Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love, And the Cradle Will Rock, American Idiot, Burnout, Chump, Gratitude, No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn, Schism, and Trapped Under Ice. As mentioned above, I also added Homecoming on vocals. As always vocals videos can be found here and drum files can be found here.

Blog Updates
I made some changes to the blog this week. I added an option to subscribe by email for those of you that want to get post updates by email. I also added some links to useful posts in this blog, my YouTube channel, and my new cooking blog. I started a cooking blog last week to share recipes I have either found, created, or modified. I will probably be updating it weekly so if any of you like cooking you should have a look at it. It can be found here.

Video of the Week
I didn't have time to make a video this week so I will try to double up next week.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - weekly update 4

I was not able to release any new songs this week because I was preparing for the Kane and Lynch leaderboard reset. I was able to get the achievements thanks to a very dedicated group that I wish I could have stayed around to help. It is amazing what the group has been able to do so far. Huge thank you to Shotgunbilly555, TSG Dwaggie, and Protium for keeping this session going.

It has been brought to my attention that the Homecoming MIDI file has some issues. I don't know if I am going to be able to fix it but next week I might try to double up and make 10 songs and include in those Homecoming on vocals so all of the songs for that achievement will be gold starable.

Something pretty unrelated I wanted to throw this out there to any readers. I do a lot of cooking and search long and hard for recipes that I think are really great and would like to share them. I was wondering if any readers would be interested in me including a recipe of the week or recipe every two weeks either in the weekly update or a separate blog/post. I know it's completely unrelated but if anybody is interested post a comment or something.

The video this week is an achievement guide for the Celebrity and True Elite achievements in Kane and Lynch Dead Men.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - weekly update 3

This week's new songs are F.O.D., Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel, Homecoming, Letterbomb, and Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy on drums in MIDI pro format. As always they can be found in the directory.

I would like to thank Urban Spaceman for letting me move and host my files on his server. The files will no longer expire and when they are being downloaded you will not have to go through zippyshare anymore, they will begin downloading immediately after being clicked. I am nowhere near moving all of the files yet so most of them are still on zippyshare but I will try to move a bunch of them each week and all of the new files will be hosted on the server.

I was going to post a few Cut the Rope videos this week but I ran into some hardware problems. My good microphone I usually use seems to have died. It took a few good bumps during my move to California so I guess that and sitting around since last week finished it off. I used a Rock Band microphone which got the job done but doesn't sound as good. The second problem is that I do all of my recording in the large closet in my bedroom because I live in a two room apartment just off one of the main streets so it is quite loud and the closet is the only place quiet enough to record decent audio. I usually end up doing most of my editing in there as well as my recording because I usually do the videos in small pieces or have to re record segments. It was a really hot day so I didn't want to sit in the hot closet after hardware failure for longer than I had to so there is only one Cut the Rope video this week. Maybe I will make the others next week if it is not so hot.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - weekly update 2.

This week I added You Really Got Me, So This is Love, and Mean Street on vocals. I added Last Night on Earth and Boulevard of Broken Dreams on drums in MIDI pro format. This weeks songs can be found in the vocals and drum directories. I have also posted the to do list in a separate post. I don't really have a system for picking songs for vocals or drums for the week so it will probably end up just being what I feel like that week unless I have specific requests. The to do list can be found here.

This week's video is a guide for one of Red Faction Guerrilla's most time consuming single player achievements.

Project Bombs and Eternity song to do list.


  1. Through the Fire and Flames
  2. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  3. F.O.D.
  4. Give me Novacaine/She’s a Rebel
  5. She
  6. Extraordinary Girl
  7. Last Night on Earth
  8. Letterbomb
  9. Homecoming
  10. Are we the Waiting/St. Jimmy
  11. 21st Century Breakdown
  12. Basket Case
  13. When I Come Around
  14. Welcome to Paradise
  15. Bohemian Rhapsody (WoR)
  16. Bohemian Rhapsody (RB3)
  17. Beat it
  18. Schism
  19. Trapped Under Ice
  20. Stone Cold Crazy
  21. Any RB2
  22. Any Rb1
  23. Call me
  24. El Scorcho
  25. Monkey Gone to Heaven
  26. Message in a Bottle
  27. You Shook Me All Night Long
  28. Closer to the Heart
  29. Peace of Mind
  30. Holiday in Cambodia
  31. All Right Now
  32. The Joker
  33. Can’t Stand Losing You
  34. Rock and Roll Band
  35. Free and Easy
  36. All Country Track Pack 1
  37. All Country Track Pack 2
  38. All Metal Track Pack
  39. All RB1
  40. All Van Halen

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

PBaE weekly update 1

Now that I am trying to post new songs and videos every week I will try to update the blog as well. When I make big progress on the project I will make separate blog posts detailing the new information/updates.

This week I posted Extraoridnary Girl, She, and Fury of the Storm in MIDI pro adapter format as well as Little Guitars and I'm the One on vocals. They can be found in the MIDI and Vocals directories.

The video this week isn't too exciting but I didn't really have time to make a better one becuase I spent a lot of time unlocking the achievement in the video. Next week should be a little better I hope.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

PBaE update 9.5 and other things - a few new songs, weekly songs (hopefully), and a personal goal.

I haven't really been working on PBaE much lately. Between my internet barely or not working and moving to America, I haven't had too much time to work on it. I have now just gotten settled in to my new apartment in America and have been enjoying the country very much so far, however it is a big change from Canada. I have a few new songs that I have made and now that my internet seems to be working properly again I can upload them. I expect they will be posted tonight. I have made good progress on vocal harmony videos and expect I will begin releasing them pretty soon.

Since there are not too many more songs to go I have decided to set a goal for myself. I want to try at post a minimum of 5 new songs (drums and/or vocals) per week. I hope this will motivate me to get through the rest of the songs and especially the requests that have been backing up. Then I can move on to keyboard and the pro instruments.

I want to try and start making a weekly, achievement related, YouTube video as well as the weekly songs, but depending on how busy I am with school and other projects the video may become once every two weeks instead. If any readers are interested in my YouTube videos my channel can be found here.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - update 9 - new songs, file fixed, and clarification.

I have finally finished my move and gotten internet in my new apartment so I should have some time to start working on PBaE again. I made a few songs while I was without internet and just got them uploaded. I fulfilled a few Van Halen related requests as well as a Run to the Hills request and I added all of the drum related AC/DC Rock Band track pack songs all of these have been added in both MIDI pro format and Guitar Hero format.

I had a question relating to the Guitar Hero format Reaper project files. They are for use with the MIDI input on Guitar Hero drum sets. I intend to make a video tutorial for these files in the future when I catch the Guitar Hero files up to the MIDI pro files. For anyone without a MIDI pro adapter that wants to get a head start, the process is identical except you plug the MIDI cable into the drum set's MIDI input instead of the MIDI pro adapter.

Thank you to JTB for pointing out a mistake in my Brain Stew/Jaded file that was uploaded. JTB noticed that the intensity of the notes was around 30 or 40 instead of what I now use which is normally 100 or higher. I had a few messages that only that song was not functioning correctly and missing notes for some people. I have changed the note intensities and re uploaded the file so any of you that were having difficulties with this one should give it another go. Thank you again to JTB for pointing out and fixing this error.

Next up will be the Green Day Rock Band songs for the gold star related achievements and the rest of Guitar Hero Van Halen on drums and vocals.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Update 8 - More new songs, Beatle Beats, and vocals.

I got my hands on the warriors of Rock MIDI files so I finally made Fury of the Storm and Bleed it Out. I also added Hot for Teacher, Ice Cream Man, Space Truckin', and the Takedown from Guitar Hero Van Halen.

I finished making the Beatle Beats this morning and just posted them. I haven't added the name of each beat yet but they are available by number. I will probably add the names later tonight.

I have created a vocals directory and posted the songs I have uploaded so far. I will be adding more over the next few days, but I don't think I will be posting an update until I have finished making a complete set for Van Halen. If you are looking for a particular song send me a message or keep an eye on the directory.

I am going to work on making charts for all of Guitar Hero Van Halen next as well as add more Guitar Hero format files.

As always drum files are available here. Vocals files are available on my YouTube channel and at the directory found here.

Project Bombs and Eternity vocals directory

Project Bombs and Eternity Vocals Directory

Looking for drum files? Click here for the drum directory.

Green Day Rock Band

Guitar Hero Van Halen

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity update 7 - new songs

Just a quick update. I have finished creating and posting all of the achievement/trophy related Reaper files for The Beatles Rock Band. They can be found here. I have received the information I need to create files for the Beatle Beats so I hope to have those created soon.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity FAQ

Project Bombs and Eternity FAQ.

Q: What is Project Bombs and Eternity?
A: Project Bombs and Eternity is a project I have created and continue to develop that plays Rock Band and Guitar Hero in order to help unlock achievements/trophies.

Q: How do I use Project Bombs and Eternity?
A: Text and video instructions can be found here.

Q: Where can I download new song files?
A: A list of all available drum files can be found here.

Q: When do you make new songs and how can I find out when they are posted?
A: I almost always make a new blog post whenever I add songs to the directory or add any compatibility to PBaE. The best way to see when new songs are posted is to follow my blog.

Q: Are you going to make a file for "insert song here"?
A: If it is related to an achievement/trophy in any way the answer is most likely yes. If there is a song you would like me to try and prioritize post a comment and I will do my best to add it next time I am making charts.

Q: Can you add guitar and bass support?
A: Although I would like to, unfortunately there is not a guitar with a MIDI input, so it is not possible to add support for guitar and bass.

Q: Can you add pro instrument support?
A: It is something I am working on, however, the pro instrument files are much more complex than the standard instrument files so it is probably going to take a significant amount of time to make them functional. I would expect to see them eventually, but not in the near future.

Q: Where can I find vocals files?
A: I post all of my vocals files to my YouTube channel and I have links to each of them in the directory found here.

Q: There is a song I need but it is not posted. Can I make it myself?
A: Yes, I have posted some charting tutorials here.

Q: Can I post the songs I have created to the blog?
A: Yes, please email your song files to PBaE.Crandy@gmail.com with the name you would like me to use when crediting you.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Update 6 - partial GH drum support, new songs, pro instruments, guitar, and vocals.

Today I woke up with the intention to make a whole bunch of drum charts, however, I got distracted and that did not happen. I uploaded a few new ones from Guitar Hero Van Halen and Rock Band in Guitar Hero drum format as well as MIDI pro adapter format. Thank you to Pedro for making the Van Halen charts, providing me with the Van Halen MIDI files, and helping with Guitar Hero drum support. and thank you to zzUrbanSpaceman for providing me with MIDI files.

Guitar Hero drums are now supported. I have not yet made a tutorial video for them, however, the setup and playback is exactly the same as the MIDI pro adapter except you download GH format files also available here.

While I was distracted I had a look into the format of pro instrument files and they are much more complicated than I expected. I think support will be possible but it is going to take some time and I don't plan on even starting to work on them until I have finished making all of the drum (and possibly vocals) charts that I intend to make. So I would not expect pro instrument support in the near future.

I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the possible support for standard guitar lately so I thought I would include a section covering that topic. I looked into it this morning and things do not look good. The only possible way other than very heavily modifying a guitar I can think of would be to use a MIDI pro adapter on the pro guitar setting. I tried using the adapter on multiple Guitar Hero games and it was only recognized as a standard controller, so unless there is another guitar controller with a MIDI input out there that I do not know about, there is no possibility of guitar support for Guitar Hero games. I do not currently have any Rock Band games with me so I was not able to try the adapter with Rock Band, but even if it was recognized I think it is very unlikely that it will work. In order to work, the adapter would have to accept five different MIDI notes as the five buttons on screen as well as strum and since it is not designed to function as a normal guitar controller I think it is pretty unlikely that there is a possibility of it working in the unlikely chance that is is recognized as a guitar. If anybody has any ideas on how to add guitar support please let me know and I will look into it, but for now I think guitar support is not possible.

When I was fooling around in Reaper today I decided to look into adding vocals support. I assigned sounds to the vocals track of the MIDI file for different songs and played it back and it seems to work. I can't test it until I return to Canada because I currently do not have a microphone with me. Assuming it works, I will begin to record and upload videos for each song with a specific achievement as well as careers for Rock Band and Guitar Hero Van Halen to YouTube. I also plan on making harmonies for The Beatles Rock Band. As long as you have reasonably loud speakers and a USB microphone for your Xbox or PS3 this should, theoretically, 100% the song every time.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Update 5 - New songs, Guitar Hero brains, and pro instruments.

I was going to try and fulfill all of the requests today but it turned out the site I usually download my files from was down so I was only able to make files for three songs I had previously downloaded. Those songs are Blood and Thunder, Dyer's Eve, and Assassin. They are available for download here. When the site goes up I hope to fulfill all of the requests and begin working on a complete set of drum charts for Guitar Hero Van Halen.

Some progress has been made towards using a Guitar Hero drum set instead of a MIDI pro adapter. It is now playing notes but is still having some problems. I won't be able to do any more work on it until I return to Canada in July, however, I don't think it will take too long to have it up and running. A thank you to Pedro  and Planet13 for helping me out with the Guitar Hero testing.

Lately a few people have been asking me about the possibility of pro instrument support. I think it is possible, however, I have not yet looked at any pro files and I am not sure how different they are. I strongly suspect it will be possible but I do not know what kind of time investment is going to be required. I want to finish all of the standard charts I want to work on before tackling the challenge of pro instruments but it is something I look forward to working on in the future.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Tre's Greates Hits now posted.

I just got a functional set of charts for Tre's Greatest Hits up. You can download them here.

Project Bombs and Eternity - Update 4 - Tre's Greatest Hits coming tomorrow.

Tonight I stayed up late working on PBaE. I managed to create a tested and working set of Tre's Greatest Hits charts. Another huge thank you to zzUrbanSpaceman because he saved me about 40 hours by digging around in some files and providing some very useful information to me. I hope to have these charts up some time tomorrow because I am way too tired right now to upload, organize, and link all 74 of Tre's hits.

The files will be very easy to use. They will work just like any other song I have posted because I have adjusted the playback speed accordingly in each of the 74 files. All you will have to do is open it in reaper and sync it with your game just like you normally would.

The song requests have not gone unnoticed. I plan on fulfilling all the requests next time I do some work on PBaE. After the requests have been completed I am going to start exploring the possibility of using a Guitar Hero drum set instead of a MIDI pro adapter. If anybody has a USB to MIDI, a Guitar Hero drum set, and is willing to test a few songs out for me send me a message or post a comment because I'm going to need at least one person with a stock GH kit to do some testing for me.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity update 3 - Tre's Greatest Hits and new songs

Hello everyone that is following the project and thank you for all of your positive feedback and support so far. An extra thanks to zzUrbanSpaceman for providing me with all of the trainer charts for Green Day Rock Band, The Beatles Rock Band, and Rock Band 3 and potentially making "A Very Troubled Youngster" a reasonable achievement.

I have had multiple messages in the last couple of weeks regarding the possibility of a set of charts for Tre's Greatest Hits. I thought instead of messaging each of you back individually I would just create this blog post and I can add other news as well. A complete set of charts for Tre's Greatest Hits is possible, however, it is much more difficult and time consuming than creating a single song. Fortunately, every song I have put in Reaper so far has had a 1:1 playback speed so all I have had to do is delete the notes for easy, medium, and hard and switch the numbers around in order for the song to play back to the MIDI pro adapter. The first problem with Tre's Greatest Hits is that it does not have a 1:1 playback speed, each beat in Green Day Rock Band seems to play at a different speed. This is possible to fix by determining the playback ratio by dividing the playback time in Reaper by the playback time in game. For example, the playback ratio for Cool Solo 2 is ~1.41:1 so for every 1 second played back in game Reaper will be behind by .41 seconds. Fortunately Reaper allows the playback speed to be changed making this achievement possible. The second problem is that all of the beats are crammed into one single MIDI file so in order to make this easily accessible to every one, regardless of knowledge, I will have to cut each of the beats out of the large MIDI file and create an individual file for each one. Luckily, this will also allow me to implement the ratio directly into each of the files so it does not need to be adjusted manually, making it much more convenient when the set is finished. Tonight I was able to complete Cool Solo 2 using the adjusted ratio I calculated so when I get all of the miscellaneous drum charts created and posted I will begin to calculate ratios for each of the beats and hopefully make this achievement possible for every one.

In other news I have created and posted charts and achievement guides for Beast and the Harlot, Free Bird, and Through the Fire and Flames. I will continue to work on creating charts and achievement guides for all of the miscellaneous drum achievements. If there are any requests for songs please leave a comment on my blog and I will put it on the top of the priority list on a first come first served basis. If I do not receive any requests I will create them in whatever order I feel like.

I don't expect to get a lot created in the next few weeks because I am in the middle of moving from Canada to the United States and that, along with work, is keeping me very busy but I will do my best to get some new content out when I have some time.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity Instructions

1. You will need a MIDI pro adapter, a USB to MIDI cable, and a PC or Mac with enough hard drive space to install a free trial of reaper. I recommend the USB to MIDI cable I use, it’s cheap and functional.

2. Do not expect this to work on the first try. I would allow 15 to 30 minutes on your first few song attempts. After doing a few successfully, you will learn the timing for syncing and songs will go much more smoothly.

3. You will need to go to this link to download either a free 60 day trial or a full paid version of Reaper. You will be using Reaper to play the files I provide with your MIDI pro adapter.

4. After Reaper has been installed choose the song you want to play from the directory of files here. Click on this link and download the file(s) that you need.

5. Get your MIDI pro adapter and USB to MIDI cable. Connect your USB to MIDI cable to your computer via USB, plug the MIDI out end of the cable into your MIDI pro adapter, and then plug your MIDI pro adapter into your console.

6. Open up the file you downloaded in Reaper by double clicking it. On the input/output option on the “Part_Drums” piece of the MIDI file choose USB 2.0 as the MIDI output.

7. Zoom in and drag the start point as close to the first note as you can without touching the first note.

8. Start up the game of your choice and select the song that matches the file you have downloaded and opened.

9. Start the song and get ready to press play in Reaper.

10. There is a slight delay between pressing the play button in Reaper and when Reaper actually starts playing the notes, so press play slightly before the first note crosses the “hit zone” in Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

11. If you have timed it perfectly, Reaper will now play 100% of the notes in the song and unlock the desired achievement(s). If Reaper is missing notes continue reading.

12. If Reaper is missing notes it is because you pressed play either too early or too late. All you need to do to get Reaper to work is to is try again. I found the easiest way to succeed is to first hit stop in Reaper, restart the song, and try again.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity Rock Band MIDI file directory

All songs are charted for Expert (Expert+ if available) difficulty unless otherwise noted.

Don't know how to use these files? Click here to learn how.

Looking for vocals files? Click here for the vocals directory.

All of the songs for the Rock Band tracks packs are unable to hit 100%. I am not sure why this happens but it is not a syncing issue. They can usually hit about 96%.

MIDI pro adapter format

AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack

The Beatles Rock Band
And Your Bird Can Sing
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Can't Buy me Love
Get Back
Hello Goodbye
Helter Skelter
I am the Walrus
I Feel Fine
I Me Mine
I Wanna be Your Man
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
Octopus' Garden
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The End
Twist and Shout
While my Guitar Gently Weeps
Yellow Submarine
Beatle Beats
All Beatle Beats
Beatle Beat 12

Country Track Pack
3 Dimes Down
Any Man of Mine
Can't Let Go
Cry Lonely
Free and Easy
The Gambler
Good Times
Gunpowder & Lead
Hillbilly Deluxe
I Told You So
Me and My Gang
Mud on the Tires
On the Road Again
Satellite Radio
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
She's Country
Sin Wagon
Suds in the Bucket
This One's for the Girls

Green Day Rock Band
American Idiot
Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Brain Stew/Jaded
Extraordinary Girl
Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel
Homecoming (Very hard to sync. Very high, but possible, gold star cutoff.)
Last Night on Earth
Tre's Greatest Hits
10 - Grooving Around
11 - Grooving Around Var. 1
12 - Grooving Around Fill
13 - Crashing Through
14 - Crashing Through Var. 1
15 - Crashing Through Var. 2
16 - Crashing Through Fill
17 - Green Bossa
18 - Green Bossa Var. 1
19 - Wide Awake
20 - Wide Awake Fill
21 - Around the Kit
22 - Oh-ay Oh-ay!
23 - Oh-ay Oh-ay! Var. 1
24 - Oh-ay Oh-ay! Fill
25 - Quarter Note Punk
26 - Quiet Yelling
27 - Quiet Yelling Var. 1
28 - Ride to Paradise Fill
29 - Upbeat Eights
30 - Eighth Note Kicks
31 - Eighth Note Kicks Fill
32 - Green Mambo
33 - Staggered Hits
34 - Opened Hats
35 - Opened Hats Fill
36 - Anticipated Crash
37 - Anticipated Crash Var. 1
38 - Anticipated Crash Var. 2
39 - Anticipated Crash Fill
40 - Wearing Out
41 - Wearing Out Var. 1
42 - Wearing Out Var. 2
43 - Wearing Out Fill
44 - Wearing Out Var. 3
45 - Classic Punk
46 - Classic Punk Var. 1
47 - Classic Punk Fill
48 - Triplet Groove
49 - Triplet Groove Var. 1
50 - Triplet Groove Var. 2
51 - Triplet Groove Fill
52 - Hitchin Some Toms
53 - Hitchin Some Toms Var. 1
54 - Punk Shuffle
55 - Punk Shuffle Fill
56 - Distilled Snares
57 - Tom-View
58 - Suburban 6
59 - Suburban 6 Fill
60 - Bring it Home
61 - Glorious Toms
62 - Glorious Snares
63 - Glorious Snares Fill
64 - Cracked Sticks and Broken Toms
65 - Toms of Hysteria
66 - Toms of Hysteria Var. 1
67 - Toms of Hysteria Fill
68 - Kicking Off
69 - Sixteenth Rolls
70 - Quick Toms and Crashes
71 - Quick Toms and Crashes Fill
72 - Drum Fill of Suburbia
73 - Cool Solo Pt. 1!
74 - Cool Solo Pt. 2!
1-74 - Complete Set

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero Metallica
Blood and Thunder
Dyer's Eve
Stone Cold Crazy

Guitar Hero Smash Hits
Beast and the Harlot (Intentionally misses last note)
Free Bird
I Love Rock and Roll
Raining Blood
Through the Fire and Flames

Guitar Hero Van Halen
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
And the Cradle Will Rock
Atomic Punk
Beautiful Girls
Best of You
Come to Life - Credit to Patrick F
Dance the Night Away
Dope Nose
Double Vision - Credit to Patrick F
The End of Heartache - Credit to Patrick F
Everybody Wants Some
Feel Your Love Tonight
First Date
Hang 'Em High
Hear About It Later
Hot For Teacher
I want it all
I'm the One
Ice Cream Man
Intruder/Oh Pretty Woman
Jamie's Cryin'
Little Guitars - Credit to lll Gambler lll
Loss of Control
Master Exploder
Mean Street
Pretty Fly for a White Guy
Rock and Roll is Dead
Romeo Delight
Runnin' With the Devil
Safe European Home
Semi Charmed Life
Sick, Sick, Sick
So This Is Love
Somebody Get Me a Doctor
Space Truckin'
Stacy's Mom
The Takedown
White Wedding
You Really Got Me

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock
Bleed it Out
Burnin' for You
Fury of the Storm
No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Guitar Hero World Tour
No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn
Trapped Under Ice

Rock Band
29 Fingers
Are you Gonna be my Girl
Ballroom Blitz
Black Hole Sun
Blood Doll
Blitzkrieg Bop
Can't Let Go
Celebrity Skin
Cherub Rock
Dani California
Day Late Dollar Short
Dead on Arrival
Detroit Rock City
Don't Fear the Reaper
Electric Vision
Enter Sandman
Flirtin' With Disaster
Foreplay/Long Time
Gimme Shelter
Go With the Flow
Green Grass and High Tides
The Hand that Feeds
Here It Goes Again
Highway Star
I Get By
I Think I'm Paranoid
I'm So Sick
In Bloom
Learn to Fly
Main Offender
Mississippi Queen
Next to You
Orange Crush
Pleasure Pleasure
Run to the Hills
Say It Ain't So
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Suffragette City
Time We Had
Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld
Tom Sawyer
Train Kept a Rollin
Wanted Dead or Alive
Wave of Mutilation
Welcome Home
When You Were Young
Won't Get Fooled Again

Rock Band 3
Been Caught Stealing
Before I Forget
Caught in a Mosh
Combat Baby
Dead End Friends
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Fly Like an Eagle
Free Bird
Get Free
I Wanna Be Sedated
King George
Livin in America
Low Rider
Need You Tonight
No One Knows
Oh My God
Outer Space
Portions for Foxes
Power of Love
Radar Love
This Bastard's Life
Viva La Resistance
Walk of Life
The Perfect Drug
Pro Drums
All pro drum trainers
Pro Drums - Advanced Beats - Credit to GermanLS7
Pro Drums Advanced Fills - Credit to GermanLS7
Pro Drums - Advanced Techniques - Credit to GermanLS7

Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack
All Right Now
Baba O' Riley
Bad to the Bone
Behind Blue Eyes
California Uber Alles
Can't Stand Losing You
Closer to the Heart
Funk #49
Holiday in Cambodia
Hymn 43
Kiss Them for Me
Love Spreads
Peace of Mind
Red Barchetta
Rock and Roll Band
Truth Hits Everybody
Rock and Roll Band

Rock Band Metal Track Pack
3's and 7's
Are You Dead Yet?
Blinded By Fear
Laid to Rest
Red Devil
Screaming for Vengeance
Two Weeks
Waking the Demon

Rock Band Track Pack 2
Call Me
El Scorcho
Girl U Want
Girls Who Play Guitars
It Hurts
Just What I Needed
Message in a Bottle
Monkey Gone to Heaven
The Perfect Drug
Saints of Los Angeles
Simple Man
Snow (Hey Oh)
This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race
Time Is Running Out
Why Do You Love Me
You've Got Another Thing Comin

Rock Revolution
Holy Wars challenge - Credit to OfficeroftheSun