Sunday, 16 June 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Update 5 - New songs, Guitar Hero brains, and pro instruments.

I was going to try and fulfill all of the requests today but it turned out the site I usually download my files from was down so I was only able to make files for three songs I had previously downloaded. Those songs are Blood and Thunder, Dyer's Eve, and Assassin. They are available for download here. When the site goes up I hope to fulfill all of the requests and begin working on a complete set of drum charts for Guitar Hero Van Halen.

Some progress has been made towards using a Guitar Hero drum set instead of a MIDI pro adapter. It is now playing notes but is still having some problems. I won't be able to do any more work on it until I return to Canada in July, however, I don't think it will take too long to have it up and running. A thank you to Pedro  and Planet13 for helping me out with the Guitar Hero testing.

Lately a few people have been asking me about the possibility of pro instrument support. I think it is possible, however, I have not yet looked at any pro files and I am not sure how different they are. I strongly suspect it will be possible but I do not know what kind of time investment is going to be required. I want to finish all of the standard charts I want to work on before tackling the challenge of pro instruments but it is something I look forward to working on in the future.

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