Friday, 7 June 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Update 4 - Tre's Greatest Hits coming tomorrow.

Tonight I stayed up late working on PBaE. I managed to create a tested and working set of Tre's Greatest Hits charts. Another huge thank you to zzUrbanSpaceman because he saved me about 40 hours by digging around in some files and providing some very useful information to me. I hope to have these charts up some time tomorrow because I am way too tired right now to upload, organize, and link all 74 of Tre's hits.

The files will be very easy to use. They will work just like any other song I have posted because I have adjusted the playback speed accordingly in each of the 74 files. All you will have to do is open it in reaper and sync it with your game just like you normally would.

The song requests have not gone unnoticed. I plan on fulfilling all the requests next time I do some work on PBaE. After the requests have been completed I am going to start exploring the possibility of using a Guitar Hero drum set instead of a MIDI pro adapter. If anybody has a USB to MIDI, a Guitar Hero drum set, and is willing to test a few songs out for me send me a message or post a comment because I'm going to need at least one person with a stock GH kit to do some testing for me.

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