Saturday, 14 December 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - Is Back!

School has finally finished and I am going to resume regular PBaE updates. I have a lot of plans for the holidays as well as a lot of time so I am hoping I can make them fairly consistent.

Today I moved a couple files to new new server, charted "Atomic Punk', and uploaded the Rock Band 3 Advanced Pro Drum trainer files that GermanLS7 charted awhile back. A big thank you for making those files and saving me a ton of time. I started consolidating all of the trainer files into a single .rar file just because it is too much work to manage all of the individual files. I can put some or even all of them back up individually if there is enough demand for it though.

I have had a number of requests for the other pro drum trainer files as well as the Rock Band 2/Beatles Rock Band/Green Day Rock band trainer files. I do not have the files for these to convert, however, I will have access to my drums in January and will be making manual recordings of these files so they will hopefully be available some time in the first half of January. Other than those files, I plan to continue with the to do list in the order that it is listed.


  1. Wellcome back! Glad i could help, my pc is broken for now but i will help charting more trainer as soon as i fix my pc, if you need help

    1. It shouldn't be a problem for the rest of the pro drum trainers because I can easily play and record all of them. I will definitely let you know if I need help with any other charts though.