Monday, 28 April 2014

New Songs 4/27/2014

Hello readers,

I went through the submissions I received this week and upload everything. Thank you to all of you for your submissions. There were a few double submissions so I gave credit to the first person to submit the file. I listed all of the contributions below. There is now a complete set of files for Track Pack 2, Country Track Pack 1, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero Van Halen.

Anonymous Contributors
-3 Dimes Down
-Any Man of Mine
-Beatle Beat 12
-Black Hole Sun
-Call Me
-Can't Let Go
-Can't Let Go (Country Pack)
-Cry Lonely
-Day Late Dollar Short
-El Scorcho
-Free and Easy
-The Gambler
-Girl U Want
Girls Who Play Guitars
-Good Times
-Gunpowder & Lead
-Hillbilly Deluxe
-I'm So Sick
-I Get By
-I Told You So
-It Hurts
-Just What I Needed
-Me and My Gang
-Message in a Bottle
-Monkey Gone to Heaven
-Mud on the Tires
-On the Road Again
-The Perfect Drug
-Pleasure Pleasure
-Saints of Los Angeles
-Satellite Radio
-She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
-She's Country
-Simple Man
-Sin Wagon
-Snow (Hey Oh)
-Suds in the Bucket
-This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race
-This One's for the Girls
-Time is Running Out
-Time We Had
-Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld
-Why Do You Love Me
-You've Got Another Thing Comin

lll Gambler lll 
-Little Guitars

Patrick F
-Come to Life
-Double Vision
-The End of Heartache

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tons of new songs. Guitar Hero Van Halen and Rock Band now complete (almost).

Hello readers,

Thanks to a very hard working contributor that wishes to remain anonymous, there is now a complete set of files for Guitar Hero Van Halen as well as Rock Band 1, almost. There is a problem with the Little Guitars file in Guitar Hero Van Halen. I have taken a look at it and I can't find the problem, but it appears to be something with the unedited file. It will probably take some time so I doubt I will get to it until the summer when I finish school. If any of you can pinpoint the problem you are welcome to submit it. The new Van Halen songs posted are Jamie's Cryin', Jump, Panama, Romeo Delight, Runnin' With the Devil, Unchained, and You Really Got Me.

Rock Band has a complete career set so all of the drum related achievements should now be easily obtainable for all.

When I was going through my files I found that I had created some of the requested The Beatles Rock Band songs that hadn't yet been uploaded to the site. The songs I added were And Your Bird Can Sing, Birthday, and Hello Goodbye.

I also realized that I forgot to post the links to the Frets On Fire forums with the download links for the MIDI files in the tutorial video. I have now updated the video with the links.

I will continue to do updates when or if new songs are submitted.

Until next time,

Thursday, 17 April 2014

PBaE charting tutorials are finally here! And there are a few new songs.

Hello readers,

It is spring break and I finally have had enough time to do a long needed update and make the drum charting tutorial videos. There are a lot of things I would like to do to improve the blog but unfortunately that will have to wait until the summer. In the mean time I posted the tutorial videos here in a separate post. I didn't post them in this update because I want to use the tutorial as a reference post similar to the file directories. I have also made an email,, where you can submit created songs to be posted on the blog if you wish.

I charted a few new songs as well, they are: Blood Doll, Burnin' for You, Creep, Intruder/Oh Pretty Woman, Painkiller (GHVH), and Somebody Get Me a Doctor in Rock Band format. I also charted American Idiot in Guitar Hero format. All of those songs can be found in the directory as usual.

Until the summer,

MIDI charting tutorials.

The videos below explain how to obtain unedited Guitar Hero and Rock Band MIDI files and how to convert them for playback through either a MIDI Pro Adapter or a Guitar Hero drum set. I hope to eventually add tutorials in the future for keys, pro keys, vocals, and vocal harmonies.

Note Numbers

Unedited Guitar Hero Note Numbers

101 - Green
100 - Orange
99 - Blue
98 - Yellow
97 - Red
96 - Kick 1
95  - Kick 2 (Expert + only)

Unedited Rock Band Note Numbers

100 - Green
99 - Blue
98 - Yellow
97 - Red
96 - Kick

Edited MIDI Pro Note Numbers

48 - Yellow
45 - Blue
41 - Green
38 - Red

33 - Kick

Edited Guitar Hero Drum Note Numbers

49 - Orange
48 - Blue
46 - Yellow
45 - Green
38 - Red
36 - Kick
Download Unedited MIDI Files

MIDI Pro Adapter Charting

Guitar Hero Drum Set Charting