Friday, 3 May 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity Rock Band MIDI file directory

All songs are charted for Expert (Expert+ if available) difficulty unless otherwise noted.

Don't know how to use these files? Click here to learn how.

Looking for vocals files? Click here for the vocals directory.

All of the songs for the Rock Band tracks packs are unable to hit 100%. I am not sure why this happens but it is not a syncing issue. They can usually hit about 96%.

MIDI pro adapter format

AC/DC Live Rock Band Track Pack

The Beatles Rock Band
And Your Bird Can Sing
Back in the U.S.S.R.
Can't Buy me Love
Get Back
Hello Goodbye
Helter Skelter
I am the Walrus
I Feel Fine
I Me Mine
I Wanna be Your Man
Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
Octopus' Garden
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
The End
Twist and Shout
While my Guitar Gently Weeps
Yellow Submarine
Beatle Beats
All Beatle Beats
Beatle Beat 12

Country Track Pack
3 Dimes Down
Any Man of Mine
Can't Let Go
Cry Lonely
Free and Easy
The Gambler
Good Times
Gunpowder & Lead
Hillbilly Deluxe
I Told You So
Me and My Gang
Mud on the Tires
On the Road Again
Satellite Radio
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
She's Country
Sin Wagon
Suds in the Bucket
This One's for the Girls

Green Day Rock Band
American Idiot
Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy
Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Brain Stew/Jaded
Extraordinary Girl
Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel
Homecoming (Very hard to sync. Very high, but possible, gold star cutoff.)
Last Night on Earth
Tre's Greatest Hits
10 - Grooving Around
11 - Grooving Around Var. 1
12 - Grooving Around Fill
13 - Crashing Through
14 - Crashing Through Var. 1
15 - Crashing Through Var. 2
16 - Crashing Through Fill
17 - Green Bossa
18 - Green Bossa Var. 1
19 - Wide Awake
20 - Wide Awake Fill
21 - Around the Kit
22 - Oh-ay Oh-ay!
23 - Oh-ay Oh-ay! Var. 1
24 - Oh-ay Oh-ay! Fill
25 - Quarter Note Punk
26 - Quiet Yelling
27 - Quiet Yelling Var. 1
28 - Ride to Paradise Fill
29 - Upbeat Eights
30 - Eighth Note Kicks
31 - Eighth Note Kicks Fill
32 - Green Mambo
33 - Staggered Hits
34 - Opened Hats
35 - Opened Hats Fill
36 - Anticipated Crash
37 - Anticipated Crash Var. 1
38 - Anticipated Crash Var. 2
39 - Anticipated Crash Fill
40 - Wearing Out
41 - Wearing Out Var. 1
42 - Wearing Out Var. 2
43 - Wearing Out Fill
44 - Wearing Out Var. 3
45 - Classic Punk
46 - Classic Punk Var. 1
47 - Classic Punk Fill
48 - Triplet Groove
49 - Triplet Groove Var. 1
50 - Triplet Groove Var. 2
51 - Triplet Groove Fill
52 - Hitchin Some Toms
53 - Hitchin Some Toms Var. 1
54 - Punk Shuffle
55 - Punk Shuffle Fill
56 - Distilled Snares
57 - Tom-View
58 - Suburban 6
59 - Suburban 6 Fill
60 - Bring it Home
61 - Glorious Toms
62 - Glorious Snares
63 - Glorious Snares Fill
64 - Cracked Sticks and Broken Toms
65 - Toms of Hysteria
66 - Toms of Hysteria Var. 1
67 - Toms of Hysteria Fill
68 - Kicking Off
69 - Sixteenth Rolls
70 - Quick Toms and Crashes
71 - Quick Toms and Crashes Fill
72 - Drum Fill of Suburbia
73 - Cool Solo Pt. 1!
74 - Cool Solo Pt. 2!
1-74 - Complete Set

Guitar Hero 5

Guitar Hero Metallica
Blood and Thunder
Dyer's Eve
Stone Cold Crazy

Guitar Hero Smash Hits
Beast and the Harlot (Intentionally misses last note)
Free Bird
I Love Rock and Roll
Raining Blood
Through the Fire and Flames

Guitar Hero Van Halen
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
And the Cradle Will Rock
Atomic Punk
Beautiful Girls
Best of You
Come to Life - Credit to Patrick F
Dance the Night Away
Dope Nose
Double Vision - Credit to Patrick F
The End of Heartache - Credit to Patrick F
Everybody Wants Some
Feel Your Love Tonight
First Date
Hang 'Em High
Hear About It Later
Hot For Teacher
I want it all
I'm the One
Ice Cream Man
Intruder/Oh Pretty Woman
Jamie's Cryin'
Little Guitars - Credit to lll Gambler lll
Loss of Control
Master Exploder
Mean Street
Pretty Fly for a White Guy
Rock and Roll is Dead
Romeo Delight
Runnin' With the Devil
Safe European Home
Semi Charmed Life
Sick, Sick, Sick
So This Is Love
Somebody Get Me a Doctor
Space Truckin'
Stacy's Mom
The Takedown
White Wedding
You Really Got Me

Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock
Bleed it Out
Burnin' for You
Fury of the Storm
No Sleep Till Brooklyn

Guitar Hero World Tour
No Sleep 'Till Brooklyn
Trapped Under Ice

Rock Band
29 Fingers
Are you Gonna be my Girl
Ballroom Blitz
Black Hole Sun
Blood Doll
Blitzkrieg Bop
Can't Let Go
Celebrity Skin
Cherub Rock
Dani California
Day Late Dollar Short
Dead on Arrival
Detroit Rock City
Don't Fear the Reaper
Electric Vision
Enter Sandman
Flirtin' With Disaster
Foreplay/Long Time
Gimme Shelter
Go With the Flow
Green Grass and High Tides
The Hand that Feeds
Here It Goes Again
Highway Star
I Get By
I Think I'm Paranoid
I'm So Sick
In Bloom
Learn to Fly
Main Offender
Mississippi Queen
Next to You
Orange Crush
Pleasure Pleasure
Run to the Hills
Say It Ain't So
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Suffragette City
Time We Had
Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld
Tom Sawyer
Train Kept a Rollin
Wanted Dead or Alive
Wave of Mutilation
Welcome Home
When You Were Young
Won't Get Fooled Again

Rock Band 3
Been Caught Stealing
Before I Forget
Caught in a Mosh
Combat Baby
Dead End Friends
Don't Stand So Close to Me
Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Fly Like an Eagle
Free Bird
Get Free
I Wanna Be Sedated
King George
Livin in America
Low Rider
Need You Tonight
No One Knows
Oh My God
Outer Space
Portions for Foxes
Power of Love
Radar Love
This Bastard's Life
Viva La Resistance
Walk of Life
The Perfect Drug
Pro Drums
All pro drum trainers
Pro Drums - Advanced Beats - Credit to GermanLS7
Pro Drums Advanced Fills - Credit to GermanLS7
Pro Drums - Advanced Techniques - Credit to GermanLS7

Rock Band Classic Rock Track Pack
All Right Now
Baba O' Riley
Bad to the Bone
Behind Blue Eyes
California Uber Alles
Can't Stand Losing You
Closer to the Heart
Funk #49
Holiday in Cambodia
Hymn 43
Kiss Them for Me
Love Spreads
Peace of Mind
Red Barchetta
Rock and Roll Band
Truth Hits Everybody
Rock and Roll Band

Rock Band Metal Track Pack
3's and 7's
Are You Dead Yet?
Blinded By Fear
Laid to Rest
Red Devil
Screaming for Vengeance
Two Weeks
Waking the Demon

Rock Band Track Pack 2
Call Me
El Scorcho
Girl U Want
Girls Who Play Guitars
It Hurts
Just What I Needed
Message in a Bottle
Monkey Gone to Heaven
The Perfect Drug
Saints of Los Angeles
Simple Man
Snow (Hey Oh)
This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race
Time Is Running Out
Why Do You Love Me
You've Got Another Thing Comin

Rock Revolution
Holy Wars challenge - Credit to OfficeroftheSun



    I LOVE U!

  2. Hey this is fantastic! I was wondering if you could do hot for teacher expert plus for van halen? Thanks!

    1. For sure. I'll chart it in the next batch of songs I make.

    2. if you could post a tutorial on how to make the tracks, I would gladly do the ground work on making some files :)

  3. Does this also work with the guitar or is it drums only?

    awesome job, btw

    1. Right now it is drums only. Guitar is a bit more complicated but I am going to look into it. There is a good chance there will at least be pro guitar support in the future.

  4. Hi !
    First of all, thank you a lot. Your work helped me a lot to unlock my last achievements on musical games.
    Anyway, I didn't manage to do Brain Stew / Jaded with your file : the kicks weren't working at all, although the Tré's files were perfect.
    Can you help me to find where the problem is ?
    Thank you a lot.

    1. It's probably a synchronization problem. I had this happen many times when I was trying to get it to work as well. Try pressing start slightly earlier or slightly later than you normally do and see if that helps at all.

    2. The thing is, when I launch the file, the animation of the kick (the orange line rumbling) does not appear at all, but they appear when I do Tré's training.

      Anyway, I will try again and keep you informed. Thanks ! ^^

    3. I just found out where my problem is : in the file of Brain Staw / Jaded, the kick and the blue pad have an intensity of 30 (or so). I put instead a higher number (more than 100), and it worked perfectly.

    4. Thank you for letting me know. Brain Stew/Jaded was one of my first songs so I probably make a mistake while I was making the file. I will change all of the intensities to 100 and re upload it so this doesn't happen again.

    5. Glad I could help, and again, thanks a lot. You've done a great job ! ;-)

  5. Hello !
    I'm your fan. Great files help me.
    I have a question. How did you measure the BPM ?
    Thanks ;)

    1. The BPM was taken from code on the disc. I did not do it, my friend gave me the BPMs and I just changed it for each of the beats.

  6. I know the Beatles Beats are easy, but there are a few I JUST can't do :/

    1. I'm going to be working on the Beatle Beats next time I make new files.

    2. any chance for ice cream man in vanhalen? RB or GH works for me, it's just the last song i need!

    3. I thought you meant you needed it on vocals. I will make the drum file for you tomorrow.

    4. Beatle Beats and Ice Cream Man have been posted.

    5. Thanks so much mate! Also, when you click on BB1, it doesn't take you to the download page for 1. And BB 65 takes you to the download for 66.

  7. Dude! Thanks so much for doing all of this....!
    You're a legend!! Any chance you'd be able to do "Run to The Hills" on RB1? Even with 2 people (1 doing the pedal, one drumming), it's still freaking tough!

    1. It doesn't even have to be 100%. Just triplets on the snare and alternate hi-hat on the beat should do it.

    2. I can definitely make Run to the Hills. I will make it for you the next time I am working on chars.

  8. Great. Thanks very much. I'll keep an eye on your blog for the next few weeks then.

  9. Hi Randy just a quick question I am really in need of getting a few last Guitar songs done any idea if there in the pipe line sorry if this has already been asked/answered.

    1. Although I would like to, unfortunately there is not a guitar with a MIDI input, so it is not possible to add support for guitar and bass.

  10. I see that a lot of you have been asking about help with guitar. I personally bought a GuitarZero a few years back. You can read about it a I'm not sure if he is selling them anymore but you could email him to find out. It is listed in the "About Me" Section of that website. Also expect to pay a steep price. I believe I payed $150-$250.

    1. That's quite an interesting project. I only skimmed it, but I plan on looking into it a bit more later. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Any chance for Mean Street for Van Halen? I have 5 starred everything but that song and Loss of Control. For some reason I just can't get that somewhat fast hi-hat with off beat kicks. Would be much appreciated.

    1. For sure I will make it next time I am working on files. It probably won't be until later this week or next week though because I am without proper internet until probably Friday.

    2. I was able to get everything 5* except for So This Is Love and I'm the One. Any chance those are in the works?

    3. All of the Van Halen songs are but I will prioritize those so they get posted sooner.

  13. I am attempting to create my own Reaper file for Rock Revolution's Holy Wars Drum Challenge. I feel like I have played around with Reaper enough to build it, but I have a few questions.

    How do I find the BPM of the song?

    How do I change the BPM for the entire song and not for just an individual measure?

    1. When I import a ripped MIDI file into Reaper the BPM is automatic. I am not sure if Reaper determines it or if it is already in the file. For the trainers that had varying BPMs for one long MIDI file I had a friend look into the game code to find the BPMs. When I was making the Beatle Beats and Tre's Greatest Hits I was able to change the BPM of the entire file just by clicking the BPM box and entering the desired BPM. However, if you are manually charting this file, BPM will not matter as long as the notes are spaced further or closer together and sync properly with the game. If you successfully make a file and wish to share it let me know and I will post it to the directory (with credit to you of course). If there's anything else I can help you with let me know and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

    2. I was able to complete the song and successfully use it to get the achievement. It looks a little different than yours in the MIDI editor (Piano keys on the left), but it does the trick.

      To create it I copied one of each different type of note into my own song and built it note by note (lots of copy/pasting). I used a youtube vid to chart it correctly.

      This method probably won't work for building songs that have much fluctuation in BPM.

      I would love to share it, but I don't know how.

    3. If you make a account you can host the file there and post the link to it in the comments. I will download it and add it to my zippyshare directory and post it to the blog with credit to you.


    5. Awesome, thanks. I'll post it shortly.

  14. Hey dude just wanted to say thanks for all these. Would it be possible to do a song from Rock Band Track Pack 2? I can't seem to get the 100% flawless drumming achievement in that game. Thanks again for all these they have been so much help.

  15. Sorry forgot to mention I also need Fury of the Storm from GH:Warriors of Rock.

    1. That one is in progress. Warriors of Rock files are slightly different so it is just going to take me a little more time to get it working and I can definitely make a song from Track Pack 2.

  16. Thanks a lot for mean streak. Any chance for all Rock Band 1 songs? They don't have to be 100%, just passable. Last few achievements I need in Rock Band 1 needs Expert players and I don't have any friends that can play past medium.

    1. That was actually one of my original reasons for creating the project. I will probably get to making them after I finish Van Halen.

  17. Any chance of having rock and roll band up on the classic rock pack within the next couple days??

    1. Sure. I will have it up later today.

    2. Just uploaded it, however, it might not be able to hit 100%. I was having a lot of difficulty getting it to work on the AC/DC track pack and was not able to get it on 100% on four different songs.

  18. I am in need to 444K achievements on GHWT. Have you done the drums for Schism or Trapped Under Ice. I figure I would do the guitar if I used the second controller and this program for the drums? Awesome job. I hope to try this on assasin as soon as my midi pro is delivered!

    1. I have not done them yet but they are near the top of my to do list.

  19. That rock and roll band I tried for over an hour to get it to 100%. Couldn't manage but it will work for the gold starring that song in a full band when my mates come over because we can nail guitar, bass, and vocals. And that file manages 98% on drums. We just are all terrible at drums so thanks. Maybe a easier song from classic track pack to get the 100% song drum achievement. Thanks dude : )

    1. I don't think it is possible to use this to 100% drums in any of the track packs. I have been trying to do it with multiple songs with no success. It might work using a Guitar Hero drum set but I have not tried yet.

    2. Alright time to get to practicing then. : ) Also how goes the van halen song making?

  20. How about the pro drum trainers for RB3?

    1. The drum trainers for all pro instruments are something I am going to work on once I finish mapping all the standard instrument songs. The pro charts are completely different and are going to take a significant amount of time to figure out.

  21. Will you be mapping out the rb1 and rb2 drum careers?

    1. I will be doing RB1 but probably not RB2. I will likely make a song or two for RB2 for the 100% a song on drums achievement though.

  22. Can you get these Green Day tracks mapped out?

    -Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel
    -Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy
    * She
    * Extraordinary Girl
    * Last Night on Earth

  23. I've stumbled into a bit of a predicament and was hoping someone might point me in the right direction. I'm currently using my RB2 drum kit and Madcatz MIDI adapter to play around with the Beatles Beats -- so far so good. But when I thought I'd try my hand at a GH:SH file I hit a roadblock. Guitar Hero does not recognize the MIDI adapter as a drum kit but rather a standard controller (microphone). Is there a way around this (aside from trying to find an old World Tour kit with the MIDI connection)?

    PS: awesome work so far Randy! This list/directory is getting huge.

    1. As an aside, it appears that on Beatle Beat #25 the second to last green note (in the very last triplet) misses. I've tried countless times now but to no avail, whether I start a little early or late, it seems to be hanging up on that note. Can anyone else try it to see if it is just me?

    2. I'm not quite sure what you are describing. Are you using a MIDI pro adapter such as this one Or are you using something completely different? If you are using that MIDI pro adapter, make sure the switch didn't get bumped to something other than the "D" position on the instrument changer. For the Beatle beats, I could have made a mistake on it, but I will try to give it a go tomorrow night and see if I can get it to work.

    3. I had no issue with beatle beat 25. I did, however, have an issue with beatle beat 12. It's one of the easiest ones, but my actual rb drums broke so I'm unable to finish it. Actually, beatle beat 12 and bleed it out are the only files I've had any problem with whatsoever. bleed it out seems to miss the 6 green notes in the middle of the song.

      Keep up the great work Randy! Let us know if we can help you out. We all very much appreciate the project!

    4. Thanks for the speedy responses guys.

      @Randy: Yes, that's the one, albeit for the PS3. Position is set to "D" but the game (Smash Hits) sees it as a regular controller and tells me I need to plug in a mic. If the actual drum set is plugged in, the MIDI still is not recognized.

      @chadilac: I'll keep trying #25, if it can work for you I'll make it work for me ;)

      Also, as another aside, the GD:RB song links are directing me to a 404 and Blogger home page.

    5. Unlike the Xbox, the PS3 does not recognize the MIDI pro adapter as a drum controller in Guitar Hero games.

      I will check and fix the problem with the Green Day songs when I get home. I probably just pasted the wrong link.

    6. I really wish these posts were editable...
      Anyway, after playing with the BB#25 file in Reaper, I've managed to get it to hit the second to last green note ... only to have it now stop hitting the very last one. It's weird, I can delete one or the other and it will hit the one left, but if I leave them both in it misses one of them.
      I'll get this to work, one way or another.

      I haven't looked through all of your posts/updates yet, Randy, but I'm curious, have you discussed how you went about creating these files?

    7. Typed the last comment too soon as I finally got it sorted. Shortened the length of the second to last note to 10 and moved the last note ahead to .81-ish. I also put the track on loop, which could have helped out as the first play through of the beat got 99%, while the second hit 100%.

      Thanks again Randy. Off try out a few more :)

  24. Hey, just want to thank you for the awesome guide, was wandering if you were planning on doing a complete van halen expert + 5 star guide though, that would be awesome

    1. Yes. I plan on eventually having a complete set of songs for Van Halen on drums and vocals.

  25. Wow! This is awesome man.
    Not sure if you're still taking requests, but would it be possible to do the songs required for the St. Jimmy achievement in Green Day Rock Band? They are as follows:
    -Give Me Novacaine/She's a Rebel
    -Are We the Waiting/St. Jimmy

    If so, that would be amazing. If not, no problem. What you've done so far is great.

    1. Sure can. They are near the top of the to do list.

  26. Through the Fire and the Flames vocals would be a big help for GH:SH to finish all careers on expert.

    1. I have moved it to the top of the to do list.

    2. this is unnecessary. if u go into the audio settings for the game and turn down all options except vocals, u can actually pass the song by holding the mic up to a speaker. u wont 5* the song, but u also only need to pass for the achievement.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. So you have to have the Rock Band drums or can you just use the World Tour drumset?

    1. You can use a world tour drum set but you have to download songs from the Guitar Hero section of the directory.

  29. Hey Randy, the Rock and Roll Band isnt working for me. Im not sure it is accurate enough to work. The best I can do is 96% for drums. On my best band run I got 96% on drums (getting almost all overdrive), -1 on drums and guitar (both meaningless notes), and FC on vocals netting me a total of 1,044,076. As far as I can tell you need about 1,060,000. One of the main problems is that the drums don't wait to activate overdrive till the vocals are ready. What challenges are you running into when making the file and is it something that can be fixed?

    1. sorry, i meant to say -1 on guitar ans bass.

    2. I'm not sure why, but in all of the track packs it is impossible for the MIDI pro adapter to hit 100% of the notes. I thought that I noted this next to the download link but I guess I forgot so I will add it now. I was told that it was still pretty possible to do with a full band. Were you playing with all instruments on expert?

    3. Yup I was on expert. I am also using a recording for the vocals and cannot control the overdrive activation. Maybe there is a better recording out there for my purposes. Also I might adjust your file so that it misses star power activation notes near the beginning so that it waits for the other instruments.

  30. Hey Randy -
    I have 100% on every song I have tried of yours on Beatles RB and have 85 of 86 beatleBeats, but BB12 doesn't seem to be even close? The kick drum seems all off? I had much success with all of your work except that one file. Any ideas?

    1. I had a look at it and it has now been fixed.

  31. "And the cradle will rock" van halen song doesnt hit any notes. Its not working at all.

    1. I just fixed it, it should be working now.

  32. Hi Randy, Just wanted to let you know that the 2 Metallica songs and Free Bird have expired.

    1. I will try and fix them this Friday.

    2. Moved the files to the new server. They should be working properly now.

  33. Hi Randy, I tried downloading Dirty Deeds from AC/DC and I get the message "Cannot login to FTP server with user crandy".

    I will take a good look att getting track pack files to reach 100% when I can get my hands on the files.

    Thank you! You are a hero to me and many friends who have been helped by your project!

    1. Thank you for the feedback! Those were some of the first ones I linked when hosting from the new server so I must have used the wrong link. I'll fix them right now. For the track pack files, it is not a problem with the files themselves it's a problem with either the RB1 engine as a whole or the RB1.5 or whatever the track packs use, I haven't figued out which it is yet. I have yet to test it but it is possible that using the GH format files with a GH drum set could 100%.

    2. Thanks! The RB-formatted file is now downloadable, but the GH-file has expired. :)

    3. Moved them to the new server. They should be downloadable now.

  34. Hey Randy thanks for this awesome site!

    Just wondering if you think it's possible if you can make a chart for "Don't Fear the Reaper" for Rock Band 1, that some is pretty difficult lol.

    1. I definitely can. I hope to get back into charting songs in the next two or three weeks.

  35. Great website! Thanks for all the work. Can you upload "Can't Buy Me Love" again since the file has expired?

    Also, for anybody having trouble getting the USB 2.0 output to appear, check Options -> Preferences -> MIDI Devices and make sure USB2.0-MIDI output is enabled. That's what fixed it for me.

    1. It has been moved to the new server and should work now.

  36. can i use a guitar hero brain to connect the midi? can you re upload hot for teacher?

    1. You can use a Guitar Hero brain, however, it requires different files than the MIDI pro adapter. The ones from the Guitar Hero section work. I haven't done a lot of work on the Guitar Hero files so there are not too many available yet. I will try to upload Hot For Teacher to the new server some time today.

    2. File has been re uploaded.

  37. Any luck getting this process to work with a Guitar and not just drums? Also, does Reaper have to be used, or can another freeware midi program work?

    1. There is no way to get this to work with a standard guitar without building a new piece of hardware and violating Microsoft and likely Sony terms of use. Pro guitar will be getting support in the future but it is much more complex so don't expect it any time soon.

      I have not tried any other MIDI programs but I would suspect they would work if I exported the Reaper file as a .mid. It would not work with any of my currently posted files because they are all Reaper project files but if you would like to try it with a different MIDI software I could publish one as a .mid for you to try.

    2. Thanks for the reply! So, one more question. Keyboard? Or is that not possible as well.

      Also, I appreciate all of the work you put into this. It is amazing!

    3. Yes. Keyboard is very possible. I actually plan on doing some testing on it pretty soon. I have already looked at the files and they might be in a near usable format without modification so it is looking pretty good for keys.

  38. Been following this thread on an almost daily basis since near the beginning. It's great to see you charting songs again and thanks for all that you do.

    I have one final request. It is the last song in GH for full completion for me. "So This Is Love" from GHVH. I've attempted to create this one myself a few times but the inconsistent BPM doesn't work with my copy/paste method.

    1. I will bump it up to the top of my to do list. I was just doing them in alphabetical order so I will do it next time I make new files.

  39. Do you think you can chart Painkiller on Van Halen?? It's a tough song to do with one pedal lol.

    1. For sure I will add it to the list.

    2. Thanks! Last song I need for Expert+ :)

  40. Just stopping by again to say thank you to GermanLS7 for the RB3 pro drum trainers. I appreciate both your and Randy's hard work.
    Randy, if you're taking requests, is it possible to put together a file (either expert drums or expert vocals) for Llama by Phish on RB3?

  41. I came close to doing this same thing a couple years ago but I had a hell of a time finding any information or hardware for the MIDI method. I ended up using another method that would simulate one tom per audio channel from two different laptops, and that's how I did Tre's, simulating the notes through Audacity. Other than that, I only needed help from a friend for everything else drum related. Meaning, friend on the drums and me on the pedal, or vice versa. Sometimes I regret not actually being good at drums. Then it goes away.

  42. Could you please re-upload Rock and Roll Band for RB: Classic Rock?

  43. Hello! I am trying to do helter skelter and a couple others on gh:sh but it seems when there are two notes together (ex: ry rb or rg) it doesn't seem to hit both notes. Is there something I am doing wrong?

    1. I remember hearing of this problem once or twice before but I can't remember what the solution was so I will give you me general troubleshooting tips. Make sure all your MIDI connections are snug (some of them are you have to plug in pretty hard), make sure your game doe not have some srange calibration settings, and if neither of those work go into free mode on TBRB and see if the notes play properly in there. If it is still not working post another comment and I will see if I can find any more info on your problem.

    2. Hi Randy! Thanks for your quick response. I switched over to my windows pc (was using a mac before) and I was able to get the notes to register.
      However, when I played helter Skelter I was only able to get 99% instead of 100% for the achievement. When I played TTFAF it also failed the song after 78% of the song was done. Is there something I am doing wrong with my syncing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

    3. Interesting. I wonder if there is an issue with using Reaper on a mac. I will have to boot into OSX and see if I have the same issue next time I am working on the project. Syncing is judt trial and error. After you have done it a few times you will get better at it but the first time will take awhile. I recommend starting with TTFaF because Guitar Hero is much easier to sync then Rock Band does.

    4. I think I am getting the hang of it. Thanks for all your help I really appreciate it! Do you plan on doing the expert career for rock band 1 anytime soon? There are a couple songs that I just can't do on expert drums near the end sadly.

  44. Ive been thinking about this, can you use the dpad functions on reaper, such as the UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT arrows on the dpad, and somehow use it on reaper?

  45. Would like to see Rock and Roll Band by Boston re-uploaded for drums as the file no longer exists.

  46. First, thank you for taking the time to create and post these files, they have been a life saver! Second, did you at one point have the Green Day Drum Lesson files listed? I only need 23 and 45, but I'm sure others could use the rest. Thanks again for the help!

    1. Just realized I switched digits on the two lessons that I need... It is 25 and 43. Thanks

    2. I currently do not have a set of the drum lesson files. I will post an update if I ever get a set of them.

    3. Do you have a source for the lessions? thanks!

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. Hi, can't seem to get this working on GH:VH. It plays from the midi but no sounds or notes on screen. Do I need to connect the midi through the drums?

    This worked great for all RB games, however. Thanks!!!

    1. Are you playing on Xbox, PS3, or Wii? And are you playing through a Guitar Hero drumset or a MIDI pro adapter?

    2. Hi, sorry for the late reply and thanks for your prompt reply. I'm stupid, I never new there was an input and output for the midi. Thought they were both the same. LOL, it works now, thanks!

  49. Hi, can you add these songs for Beatles Rock Band?
    1. And Your Bird Can Sing
    2. Birthday
    3. Hello Goodbye

    These songs are needed for all together now achievement.

    1. They have been added to the to do list.

    2. BTW I edited the Beatle Beats no. 12 so it's working. Do you want me to send it to you?

  50. I know it's a lot to ask, but can you also do the drum tutorials for Beatles Rock Band?

    1. Scratch that. I manged to do it with by using the buttons on the MIDI pro adapter plus the foot pedal keys on reaper.

  51. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I don't know if it is going to be possible to get an unedited version of the MIDI files used for the trainers. I will look into it further when I get more time this summer and I will make a set if it is possible.

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. Hi, will you have Little Guitars and all the Expert + songs for Van Halen? That's all I have left. Also, I upvoted all your solutions on TA. Thanks!

    1. Somebody has submitted all of the Expert+ files and a fixed version of Little Guitars I just have not had a chance to upload them yet.

    2. Awesome, looking forward to it, thanks again.

  54. Hello Randy, thanks for the files and the tutorials, I am working on the RB career now and noticed the Black Hole Sun file is incorrect, I made it using your tutorials and would like to contribute. I can not find your email address anywhere tho, could you provide it? I intend to do the whole Guitar Hero Smash Hits career too! thanks

  55. Hello. Thank you for this awesome site ! Any chance for all Country Track Pack, Metal Track Pack and Classic Rock Track Pack songs?

  56. Been blasting thru these today. Any chance of 'The Perfect Drug' for RB3? Need that one to finish off my DLC.

  57. Hey Randy, any chance you sometime soon will make more songs for the GH4 drum set? i don't have a Rock band drum set so it could be awesome if so.. maybe Assassins for World tour :D
    Also, is it possible for this to work also for Guitar songs, since you can with drums?

    1. nevermind, just found out i didn't need any drum set for this to work! :D thanks a lot for this, you done an amazing job with this :D
      if possible, can you add these songs sometime when you find the time.
      All drum barts.
      Smoke on the water
      Freya - the sword
      Psychobilly freakout
      Messeage in a bottle
      Bark at the moon
      Laid to rest
      Caught in a mosh.
      All songs from smash hits/Greatest hits.

      Any help much appreciated.

    2. I will not be making any more drum songs because I have posted tutorials on how to make your own. If you want to you can also submit them to and I will post them in the directory. I may have some of these songs in the backlog of unposted submissions I have in my email that I will be trying to post next week.

      MIDI pro adapter tutorial

      Guitar Hero Drum tutorial

    3. Thanks for all the files and the tutorial on how to make our own. Although I was having trouble finding any midi files for the Rock Band 2 drum trainer beats & fills. What would you suggest for these? Thanks!

  58. Any chance at getting the Rock Band 2 drum trainer beats? :)

    1. I would like to post them however I do not have the MIDI files for the Rock Band drum beats so I can't make them.

    2. Yeah I was looking for them so I could create them based on your tutorial. Thanks for the reply though!

  59. Did you ever figure out how to make this work with Guitar Pro. Is there something you could share with me about your findings? I already tried every single note of the 127 midi notes to try to make the guitar pro song respond to it, but it just doesn't do anything. Thanks

  60. I just wanted to say thank you for all the help you have given and started. I enjoyed using your strategies.

    Now if only someone could do Green Day's Drum Lessons.....

    1. Hi, I am having trouble with notes actually registering on the game. I downloaded the Assassin song for Guitar Hero World Tour and i'm using the Guitar Hero drum kit. I have the exact same MIDI cable as in the tutorial video, and when I open the song file I choose USB 2.0 as the output in the PART DRUM I/O settings. When the notes play on the timeline, the blue light flashes on the MIDI cable. On my actual game no notes even get pressed down at all. Does anyone have a solution to this? Its a wireless drum kit.

  61. Any files for RockBand 2 drum trainer?

  62. I noticed that the file for Eruption in Guitar Hero Van Halen in incomplete. There are only a few notes of drum part in the song so getting 100% only gives you 3 stars. Since most of the song is drum fills, it would be nice if the file was modified to throw everything plus the kitchen sink in there for those parts. I probably won't be able to 5 star the song on expert + otherwise. Thank you and thanks for all your hard work, this site has been very helpful.

    1. I noticed that as well. Something I started doing was when Eruption ended, I would pause the game, pull up another file, and resume the game so it would play the song throughout the drum beat. Got 5 Stars after trying out different songs.

  63. hello friend will be that you could edit a song to Lego Rock Band The Final Countdown need to make 100 % on the ground to pick up the trophy since already will be grateful if you can

  64. Hi Randy,

    Hope you're still supporting this project. This is very cool! Thanks for starting this!

    I've started converting files for Guitar Hero World Tour and have done OK so far. I've reached a song, "What I've Done," that just keeps failing no matter what I do and what timing I use. The part I never get by is the fast green part around 76%. I've been getting frustrated with this one. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Do you have any tips on troubleshooting your conversions? Mine is usually if no matter what timing I use and it still doesn't work. I re-do it and then it works. This one hasn't been so easy.

  65. Yes hopefully he will aaron also by the way, aaron what's ur psn?

  66. Guitar Hero Files wont work.

  67. Are you planning on doing Rock Band 4 charts?