Saturday, 3 August 2013

Project Bombs and Eternity - update 9 - new songs, file fixed, and clarification.

I have finally finished my move and gotten internet in my new apartment so I should have some time to start working on PBaE again. I made a few songs while I was without internet and just got them uploaded. I fulfilled a few Van Halen related requests as well as a Run to the Hills request and I added all of the drum related AC/DC Rock Band track pack songs all of these have been added in both MIDI pro format and Guitar Hero format.

I had a question relating to the Guitar Hero format Reaper project files. They are for use with the MIDI input on Guitar Hero drum sets. I intend to make a video tutorial for these files in the future when I catch the Guitar Hero files up to the MIDI pro files. For anyone without a MIDI pro adapter that wants to get a head start, the process is identical except you plug the MIDI cable into the drum set's MIDI input instead of the MIDI pro adapter.

Thank you to JTB for pointing out a mistake in my Brain Stew/Jaded file that was uploaded. JTB noticed that the intensity of the notes was around 30 or 40 instead of what I now use which is normally 100 or higher. I had a few messages that only that song was not functioning correctly and missing notes for some people. I have changed the note intensities and re uploaded the file so any of you that were having difficulties with this one should give it another go. Thank you again to JTB for pointing out and fixing this error.

Next up will be the Green Day Rock Band songs for the gold star related achievements and the rest of Guitar Hero Van Halen on drums and vocals.