Wednesday, 4 September 2013

PBaE update 9.5 and other things - a few new songs, weekly songs (hopefully), and a personal goal.

I haven't really been working on PBaE much lately. Between my internet barely or not working and moving to America, I haven't had too much time to work on it. I have now just gotten settled in to my new apartment in America and have been enjoying the country very much so far, however it is a big change from Canada. I have a few new songs that I have made and now that my internet seems to be working properly again I can upload them. I expect they will be posted tonight. I have made good progress on vocal harmony videos and expect I will begin releasing them pretty soon.

Since there are not too many more songs to go I have decided to set a goal for myself. I want to try at post a minimum of 5 new songs (drums and/or vocals) per week. I hope this will motivate me to get through the rest of the songs and especially the requests that have been backing up. Then I can move on to keyboard and the pro instruments.

I want to try and start making a weekly, achievement related, YouTube video as well as the weekly songs, but depending on how busy I am with school and other projects the video may become once every two weeks instead. If any readers are interested in my YouTube videos my channel can be found here.


  1. Welcome to the States. This sounds AWESOME! cheers and thanks

  2. Yes welcome. Can't wait to see what you bring out.

  3. Good work and good luck with your goal!

  4. Hi I jusy wanna say thank you for sll the efort you put in this ambicious proyect, good luck and keep up!