Thursday, 4 September 2014

Discontinued Achievements Issue 7 - Glacier Blast, Dawn of War 2

Hello readers,

Another Windows 8 game had its servers closed recently. Glacier Blast’s servers were closed on the 28th of August 2014. As far as I know no notice was given prior to the shutdown. This unfortunately seems to be a trend with Windows 8 games lately. The game was online for less than a year before shutting down. This renders 15 of the game's 20 achievements discontinued.

As far as I know Dawn of War 2 is still online and for those of you that still have not completed the game I would like to offer some help. I have completed game saves in both the original Dawn of War as well as Chaos Rising on primarch difficulty. This means I can let anybody join me in coop and unlock all of the primarch difficulty achievements for you in less than five minutes. Just send me a message any time you see me online on Xbox LIVE and I will most likely be able to hop on DoW and pass you the achievements. I am currently idling games in G.R.A.W. part of the time so if I am online in a team game I am likely not actually there.


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