Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Delisted Games 2 / Discontinued Achievements 8 - Dark Souls, Ascend, and More.

Hello readers,

I have been quite behind on my blogging lately due to my overwhelming school schedule along with other commitments. I still want to do all the work on the site that I have been talking about and I do hope to get to it eventually.

I will start off this time with the delisted games that I am aware of since my last post. All of these were taken down without notice or reason. Krissx, Frogger (WP), Castlevania Puzzle (WP), Rocky and Bullwinkle, NBA Baller Beats, and Trivial Pursuit. Trivial Pursuit and NBA Baller Beats are still available as retail versions, while the rest are gone forever.

There have been a few discontinued achievements since the last post. Something happened to Team Crossword that prevents the last few achievements to not unlock. Whenever an achievement would unlock the game freezes, causing the entire game to now be discontinued. Redbox for Xbox One has shut down leaving 3 unobtainable and 24 discontinued achievements.

These games are not discontinued yet but may become discontinued in the future. It was announced on Steam that Dark Souls (PC) will be transitioning to Steamworks some time in November, so for those of you who are planning on finishing that one I recommend doing it sooner than later. The post makes it sound like both versions will still be functional and you will not be forced to update so the achievements may still be okay. Fortunately there is a retail version of this game and all the achievements are obtainable offline so in the worst case scenario it should still be possible to earn these achievements.

Doritos Crash Course 2 was scheduled to close on October 15, rendering all achievements discontinued, however, as of a couple of days ago, it is still up and running. There may still be a chance to finish these achievements up for those of you that still don't have them.

Ascend Hand of Kul is set to close on November 18. It is an online only game so the server closure will discontinue all achievements.

I had a look into Toy Soldiers Cold War (Win 8), but unfortunately my VM software does not support enough video memory to run the game. However I did confirm with a couple of people still running Windows 8.0 that even a fresh install of the game still has the functional DLC so it appears this is just a Windows 8.1 compatibility issue and not an issue with a server or download of some sort.

Unfortunately I did not have time to make up a video post to go along with this blog and I apologize for being behind on this info.

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