Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Discontinued Achievements Issue 6 - Ascend, Karaoke, Gunpowder, Toy Soldiers.

Hello readers,

I have been a little behind on my updates lately. I was away and busy so I didn't get a chance to keep up so I will put everything into this post. I am going to start updating delisted games as well. I will write the first delisted games post in the next couple of days.

It was announced a few days ago that Ascend Hand of Kul will be closing its servers on November 18 2014. This will render every achievement in the game discontinued as the game requires you to be connected to the servers at all times while playing.

Karaoke which was announced to close on August 15 is still online in some countries. I have heard, but not tested, that the game is no longer playable in Canada and Belgium and is still playable in the United States, and some European countries. Along with the servers still being online the free songs are still changing about once every week so all of the achievements are still obtainable if you live in a country that still has functioning servers. The ability to purchase new Karaoke passes is still disabled, however.

Gunpowder unexpectedly gained some discontinued achievements recently. The game was removed from the Windows 8 marketplace in the beginning of July but up until what appears to be only a few weeks ago the Lost Levels DLC was still available for purchase. The DLC, which is now unavailable for purchase, has been disabled in game, even for those that had previously purchased it. Since there is now no legitimate way to access the DLC pack all of the achievements related to it are now discontinued.

Something similar has happened to Toy Soldiers Cold War (Win 8). The Windows 8 version, unlike the Xbox 360 version, included the content that was released as DLC on the Xbox 360 in the base game. Or so it appeared. The content has now gone missing from a number of people's games causing four achievements to become partly discontinued. Those achievements are "The Might of the Red Army", "Counting Stacks", "The End Of An Odyssey", and "In Memoriam". A couple of people on the Game Info Team at have been testing the game and it appears that the levels only disappear on devices running Windows 8.1 and it has nothing to do with the game's servers or version. I am currently installing Windows 8.0 on my computer to check for myself and see if I am able to play the DLC. However, for right now I recommend those of you that have the Napalm and Eliv Empire DLC still available should get the related achievements as soon as possible.


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