Monday, 27 January 2014

PBaE Rock Revolution and Keys/Pro Keys update.

It has been too long since my last update. School has started again so I have been busy. Those of you that downloaded and tried the file I posted in the last update probably know already that I have had some success in getting the Rock Revolution files to work thanks to zzUrbanSpaceman. Without the information he pulled form the game for me I would not have been able to figure out how to convert the charts. That being said, they are still not perfect. The only current semi working chart that I have is Pull Me Under and the first two or three minutes are not perfect but after that it managed to get more than a 1000 note streak. With some more tinkering I should be able to get it to work. The files, currently, are much more complicated and time consuming than the ones from Rock Band or Guitar Hero I don't think I will find an easier way to map the files but I am hoping to find a way to put the notes into a single track opposed to the seven tracks I am currently using. 

I have also discovered that pro keys (and I assume standard keys) are in a very usable format without a lot of conversion. Those of you that follow me on TA might have noticed that I unlocked the Pro Keys Graduate achievement awhile ago. I have a messy, working set of the final pro keys trainers. When I get some time I will get those cleaned up and posted. 

Because a lot of you want songs that are not posted and I often do not have time to keep up with requests, I am going to make a set of videos explaining how to convert the game MIDI file into an usable Reaper file. Videos will include tutorials for Rock Band drums, Guitar Hero drums, Rock Revolution drums, lead vocals, and pro keys. I also hope to make a new and improved version of the PBaE tutorial video that clarifies a few things that I feel I missed in the original video.


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  2. Making a tutorial vid for potential creators is a great idea. I personally don't have use for it anymore, but I'm sure many other will benefit.

  3. sounds like a good idea making the tutorial videos. Also great to see the rock revolution is doable. Awesome stuff.

  4. I'm definitely excited about the tutorial. Heck, maybe even give people a way to submit songs they've made? No use to duplicate effort. :)

    1. There will definitely be a way for creators to submit songs with credit to them if they choose to.

  5. Have these been posted yet??