Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Discontinued achievements update issue 1 - WSoP Full House Pro, Monsters Love Candy, Dawn of War 2, Dance Central 3

It was confirmed by Microsoft that there will be no more events taking place in WSoP Full House Pro which renders the "It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere" and the "Big Game Hunter" achievements discontinued on both Xbox 360 and Windows 8. 

Monsters Love Candy new has one discontinued achievement. The "Sweet Tooth" achievement. The store no longer has boost purchases available so it is no longer possible to get this achievement. If you have not unlocked the "Rainbow Eyes" achievement, I recommend getting it as soon as possible because if more of the store is taken down this achievement will also become discontinued. 

Nothing official has been announced yet, however, Steam achievements have been sort of released for Dawn of War 2. I can't find any information on anything official so I don't know when it is going to move to Steamworks but when it does it will likely render all of the online achievements for the game discontinued. 

In addition to the bad news there is some good news. The Dance Central 3 achievements related to sharing photos on Facebook have been fixed. The "Worth a Thousand Words" and "We're Friends Right?" achievements are once again obtainable. 

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