Thursday, 10 July 2014

Discontinued achievements issue 2 - Lips, Dawn of War 2

It was brought to my attention today that the Lips servers closed on July 8 2014. It was confirmed by a forum post on the Xbox forums. No warning or reason was given for the server closure. I was ver disappointed these servers went down. I actually had planned on doing all of the online achievements for the game tomorrow. I think it is pretty bad to see a game published by Microsoft Studios go down without any warning at all. I started a thread on the forums asking to bring the servers back. It's probably pretty unlikely that anything will happen, but I though I would give it a shot. I would appreciate that if any of you that want the servers back would make a brief post in the forum voicing your support. The Link is below.

After yesterday's blog post, TBreit pointed out to me that Steam currently has an opt in beta for the Steamworks version of Dawn of War 2. I checked and confirmed this morning that it is still there. It looks like the Steamworks patch is closer than I thought so I would finish off the game as soon as possible if you intend on grabbing all of the achievements.

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