Thursday, 17 April 2014

PBaE charting tutorials are finally here! And there are a few new songs.

Hello readers,

It is spring break and I finally have had enough time to do a long needed update and make the drum charting tutorial videos. There are a lot of things I would like to do to improve the blog but unfortunately that will have to wait until the summer. In the mean time I posted the tutorial videos here in a separate post. I didn't post them in this update because I want to use the tutorial as a reference post similar to the file directories. I have also made an email,, where you can submit created songs to be posted on the blog if you wish.

I charted a few new songs as well, they are: Blood Doll, Burnin' for You, Creep, Intruder/Oh Pretty Woman, Painkiller (GHVH), and Somebody Get Me a Doctor in Rock Band format. I also charted American Idiot in Guitar Hero format. All of those songs can be found in the directory as usual.

Until the summer,

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