Monday, 28 April 2014

New Songs 4/27/2014

Hello readers,

I went through the submissions I received this week and upload everything. Thank you to all of you for your submissions. There were a few double submissions so I gave credit to the first person to submit the file. I listed all of the contributions below. There is now a complete set of files for Track Pack 2, Country Track Pack 1, Rock Band, and Guitar Hero Van Halen.

Anonymous Contributors
-3 Dimes Down
-Any Man of Mine
-Beatle Beat 12
-Black Hole Sun
-Call Me
-Can't Let Go
-Can't Let Go (Country Pack)
-Cry Lonely
-Day Late Dollar Short
-El Scorcho
-Free and Easy
-The Gambler
-Girl U Want
Girls Who Play Guitars
-Good Times
-Gunpowder & Lead
-Hillbilly Deluxe
-I'm So Sick
-I Get By
-I Told You So
-It Hurts
-Just What I Needed
-Me and My Gang
-Message in a Bottle
-Monkey Gone to Heaven
-Mud on the Tires
-On the Road Again
-The Perfect Drug
-Pleasure Pleasure
-Saints of Los Angeles
-Satellite Radio
-She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
-She's Country
-Simple Man
-Sin Wagon
-Snow (Hey Oh)
-Suds in the Bucket
-This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race
-This One's for the Girls
-Time is Running Out
-Time We Had
-Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld
-Why Do You Love Me
-You've Got Another Thing Comin

lll Gambler lll 
-Little Guitars

Patrick F
-Come to Life
-Double Vision
-The End of Heartache


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  2. Randy, I sent to '" an e-mail about a Guitar Bot sing PRO MIDI ADAPTER that I developed using Reaper and "notes.mid". I hope you read and like it. Cheers

    1. Pedro, I'm very curious about this. I don't have a Pro Guitar but I do have the Pro Midi Adapter. If you see this, give me a shout! :)

    2. Pedro has given me all of the guitar info and it is ready and waiting to be posted. I am going to try and get the backlog of content, including the RB3 guitar stuff, I have in my email posted next week.

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  4. Great news Randy! I apologise for being so impatient. :)