Sunday, 19 July 2015

Fix for "Muse To My Ears" for Guitar Hero drum sets.

Hey all,

It was brought to my attention that there was a problem with the file for Assassin for use with Guitar Hero drum sets. It turns out that it suffers from an issue where it will not begin to play until either it has run for about two seconds or plays a few notes; I am not sure which. It is very difficult to time the syncing properly as a result. If played normally, the file will not play notes soon enough to prevent failing the song, making it impossible or nearly impossible to use.

In order to fix this problem I've created a hard file for Assassin. It will still achieve the required score without activating star power. The file will miss the first few notes and almost fail, but if synced correctly it will play the rest of the song perfectly. Just play the file as normal except set the in game difficulty to hard. If you use hyperspeed, just add 1 to your normal adjustment to match your normal expert speed.

Below is a set of video instructions and a link to the directory for the file download.


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